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TES students collaborate
5th grade students work cooperatively to complete a project.

TJES Technology Club

TJES Technology Club members work together to create a PhotoStory project.

Download PhotoStory software FREE and follow step-by-step screencast tutorials here:

Using Kidspiration at Jouett

Fourth graders use Kidspiration organize research for an upcoming research project.

Kidspiration software uses the philosophies of visual learning to support students as they think creatively and organize ideas to write, comprehend and communicate successfully.
LCMS science: Internet Research on Evolution
LCHS Teacher attends Photostory workshop

February Featured Article
JoAnn Marshall ~ Trevilians Elementary ITRT

Internet Takes Cooperative Learning to a New Level

The Internet was created to allow scientists to collaborate across the barriers of time and space. It continues to be a high speed information highway that affords users the opportunity to communicate with others on an endless array of topics. Cooperative learning is a teaching technique that encourages students to work together to solve problems as they learn. When the Internet and Cooperative learning are combined, the collaboration possibilities are endless.

It is important that we prepare our students to live in the 21st century. Using the Internet, students can reach out to other classes, interact with subject matter experts, exchange information and data, express opinions, and access current information almost instantly. Entering the “online” collaborative environment will allow students to build knowledge with information taken from many sources that reflect differing perspectives. Now, for example, instead of researching how climate affects agriculture, students can learn first-hand by having “conversations” with peers around the world and sharing data.

As safety concerns increase, it is important to teach our students how to communicate using the Internet in a safe manner. Many safe Internet learning environments have been created with students of all ages in mind. Look for sites that require accounts. allow monitoring by an administrator and are password protected. You may want to create your own project or join someone else’s. Existing projects are a good way to start. It requires some time on the teacher’s part to investigate and make the most appropriate choice. Examples of sites are provided below.
Engaged students are happy students. Take a leap of faith! Your ITRT will help get you started and develop meaningful projects. It is time to move our students from classroom cooperative learning groups to online collaborative learning communities.

Sites for Internet Collaboration

Find a Project

Ask an Expert

Find KeyPals

Create a Project (advanced)
These require accounts and administers

LCPS has an account with:
(see your ITRT for assistance)

Integrating Technology Before...During...After Your Lesson with Clickers!

Okay, so it is really called a Classroom Response System but you know everyone calls them “clickers”!

Download the Lesson with Resources for Black History Month