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LCPS Mission Statement

The mission of Louisa County Public Schools is to accept the responsibility to educate every student. Our educational program will produce citizens who are life-long learners.

Healthy Learner's Community

Having our students excel in learning is the most important aspect of LCPS, but in order to do that to the best of everyone's ability we each must be healthy. That important fact is the focus of the 2008-2009 school year theme: a Healthy Learners' Community.
It's easy to put everything in life before exercising and eating right, but each Louisa County resident is being encouraged to lead healthier lives. Good health is important to success in so many areas of life.
In order to promote the Healthy Learners' Community theme, each member of the community, including students and school staff, is being asked to participate in a healthy activity-it could be taking a walk around your neighborhood or trading in a bowl of ice cream for a granola bar-and tell us about it! It's important to maximize our Learners' Community by engaging in healthy activities and to share those experiences with others, which will lead to more people becoming active!
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