Media Technology Advisory Committee

Working together to complete the puzzle

The role of the MTAC is to investigate the needs of the school and then meet those needs through creative approaches and innovative funding. By this I mean, technology is usually under-funded or first-to-be cut in the budget. The MTAC has to find creative ways to meet the needs of 21st century teachers and learners.

Define (or refine) mission for technology

Explore professional development activities for teachers

Offer workshops for parents/community (“how to” software, etc)

Promote 21st Century Learning Skills and 21st Century Teaching Skills

The Value of the MTAC
The presence of an effective Media and Technology Advisory Committee is still fairly new in schools today. I think schools have had media committees or even technology committees but the focus was not on instruction but rather hardware, software, and circulation. There are only several states, North Carolina being one of them, that have even embraced 21st century learning skills as a part of essential curriculums. A strong MTAC advocates for both resources (hardware, software, etc) for educators to enhance instruction and support (professional development) of educators to ensure students are moving to the next grade, or graduating, future ready.

The ideal Media and Technology Advisory Committee

An ideal Media and Technology Advisory Committee (MTAC) needs to consist of dedicated stakeholders. This should not be an assigned/required committee. The MTAC should represent teachers from all departments (don’t forget elective teachers). Additionally, there should be parent and community representation.

Sample MTAC Roster (South Lenoir High School, NC)

J Downey
Instructional Facilitator
J Hill
Media Specialist
C Dodd
Technology Assistant
D Pollock
Assistant Principal
(former Technology Coordinator)
C Berg
Project Lead the Way teacher
P Murphy
English Department Chair
M Knowles
Music/Choral Teacher
N Potter
Geometry Teacher
S Saint-Amand
Social Studies Department Chair
W Lynn
Exceptional Children’s Teacher
R. Gardner
Science Department Chair
Dr. D Grimes
Community Member/Lenoir Community College Administration
K Hardy
J Hoover
B Curran